What’s New and Happening with Fulfillment Plus, Inc

We are only in quarter two of 2016 and there has already been so many changes and updates with Fulfillment Plus, Inc. and for the better! Not only have we undergone internal system enhancements but we have also established new processes and features to help the productivity of your business.

The first major change was the implementation of our new server and technology, whichFulfil_Adjust (2) many clients may have noticed with our website, both pre and post login. This has helped create faster service and introduce new features that make it easier for the clients to use. Foremost, inventory is now managed in real time. This means, once orders have been entered, the allocated inventory is shown, thereby making it “unavailable” but “still showing” until the order ships and our clients can run an order history on sku or all skus. This is extremely helpful because all information can be downloaded into excel, making demographic order history reports very helpful. In addition to this, clients can also be notified of any changes on their shipping, the time frame, and are able to keep track of their delivery from start to finish. This has increased both productivity and efficiency, but also helps keeps our client’s minds at ease.

Another great feature that has been implemented is our new process for managing returns. We have been able to devise a program where it’s customized to the client and is now done with a simple bar code scanning. For example, when we receive a return back to our facility, it is first scanned, and then it goes directly into our system to the order/orders related to the return. All of the information on the item/order being returned is entered and available to our clients immediately so they can decide how they would like to handleFulfil_OrderDetailScreen (1) the situation at hand. The next decision is up to the client on whether we should put it back into inventory, (if unopened and not damaged), or return to the manufacturer if it is damaged, or any other reason for not being able to sell.

Last but not least, one of our most exciting new features, is the ability and option for our clients to take advantage of – cellophane wrapping. This is a very beneficial feature for almost any product, not just food or pharmaceutical and drug companies. The purpose of cellophane wrapping is that it protects the product without adding any additional weight or restrictions. This is key because with with the new shipping regulations of charging dimensions as well as weight, you don’t want to give them more of a reason to charge you extra for your products, just because you’re trying to protect them during the shipment! And the best part is, you don’t need to outsource this because now we can do it in-house along with any other service you may need for your particular project.

Fulfillment Plus, Inc. is constantly growing and brainstorming new developments to increase our productivity and efficiency to help you grow your business. Whatever your fulfillment center needs – from assembly work to packing and shipping your product across the continent or the other side of the world on time – we are on it!