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FPI’s Take on Marketing Operations Fulfillment

One of the major benefits of Fulfillment Plus Inc. is that we are not your “cookie cutter” fulfillment service. We will go above and beyond to craft the right package for each one of our clients. We have developed a unique service that encompasses more than just gifts with purchase programs,  sample mailings, promotional programs, etc. Our Marketing Operations Fulfillment team will maintain a hands on level of service every step of the way. We focus on the logistics of managing the fulfillment side so you and your team can focus on the overall success of your campaign or event.

Gift with purchase is one of the more effective marketing tactics that companies use. Who doesn’t love “free” items? It’s a great way to up-sell customers, or even get them to your site or in the door to purchase an item. We’ve all seen the promotional offers of “with a $75 purchase, you will receive a free (insert product here)! So as a customer is checking out, and they are only $5 away from that free item, most of the time they will go back and purchase additional products to get that freebie. Another example we recently had the pleasure to work on was a gift with purchase opportunity for every new client, they received an Amazon Gift Card – now that’s an enticing incentive! 

The most important part is to pick the right product to advertise as your gift with purchase. As a business, you should know your clientele best and what will entice them. You also want to keep in mind that this complimentary product should support and improve your business as well as even promote it. Some giveaway ideas are great to customize and can include your company’s logo which keeps your branding top of mind for consumers. 

Once you’ve established the ideal product, next is to pick the right time. Some businesses choose to promote these offers during their busy seasons; holiday shopping, back to school, etc to help increase their sales. But if you’re a company that does really well during those times, why give free items to consumers who are already going to be purchasing? Offering gifts with purchase during your slower season, will help increase your business because you’re giving consumers an extra incentive to buy. 

Now you have your product and when you’re going to advertise, the next step  is how to properly market and execute the promotion. The most important step here is to make sure that you have enough inventory. There is nothing worse than a dissatisfied client, and even though the item might be free, this might have been the sole cause of the initial purchase. This is an important step where your fulfillment company can help. Fulfillment Plus Inc. can help you plan how much you need, and make sure it gets shipped quickly and efficiently.

 In addition to ensuring there is enough product, it’s also important to market it accurately. You want to make sure that the directions are very clear, and that it’s stated “while products last”. Other details to include are how long the offer is valid for, and exactly what the consumer needs to obtain the gift with purchase. Another aspect in marketing your product is the packaging and branding, this can make all the difference between a successful campaign vs a non successful campaign. A good idea is to include your branding or something that will remind the consumer of where they received the free gift so they will be a repeat customer!