Fulfillment Plus Inc. is Here to Support YOU

As a fulfillment center that provides both business to business and business to consumer services, there is almost nothing we can’t do for you as our customer. Not only do we provide a plethora of services but they are customized to your company’s needs. Below are a few examples of what we can offer, and if it’s not listed, call us today and we’ll be happy to work with you to customize a fulfillment program that works best for your company!

Brand Advocates: Who better to manage the fulfillment operations for your marketing program  than the company working with you to ensure it succeeds? Through our social brandmedia outlets via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more, we will gladly brag about your product and get the word out there. And the best part about it? It’s free! As a loyal customer of ours, we believe in your brand, and your products, and want to help you spread the word.

Cellophane Wrapping: This is a very beneficial feature for almost any product, not just food or pharmaceutical and drug companies. The purpose of cellophane wrapping is that it protects the product without adding any additional weight or restrictions. This is key because with the new shipping regulations of charging dimensions as well as weight, you don’t want to be charged extra for your products, just because you’re trying to protect them during the shipment! And the best part is, you don’t need to outsource this because now we can do it in-house.

Printing: Need something printed? No problem! When provided with the artwork and specs, we can get you a competitive quote within 24/hours.  We will monitor stock levels and reorder when necessary.  

Promotional Items: Looking to promote your company or brand? A great way to do this is sending out promotional items or samples! Fulfillment Plus Inc. can do the research, order them, package everything together and then ship them out for you! As our client, all you need to do is approve the steps along the way, and we can handle all of the heavy lifting and time consuming steps.

Fulfil_Adjust (1)Return Management: With our new system we devised a program where returns are customized to the client and is now done with a simple bar code scanning. For example, when we receive a return back to our facility, it is first scanned, and then it goes directly into our system to the order/orders related to the return. All of the information on the item/order being returned is entered and available to our clients immediately so they can decide how they would like to handle the situation. The next decision is up to the client on whether we should put it back into inventory, (if unopened and not damaged), or return to the manufacturer if it is damaged, or any other reason for not being able to sell.

Stamping and Branding: Coming to us is a one stop shop. We can take your product and tailor it anyway you would like including stamping and branding the final package.  We understand that first impressions count and we make your company’s outstanding. From the moment your customer receives their package, we can offer ways to make them see your company on every layer of packaging from the outer carton tape to the inner tissue paper.  We understand the importance of branding and can manage even the very smallest of presentation details. We get it done quickly and efficiently.

If you are looking for a true fulfillment partner, call us today.  The bottom line, when your reputation is on the line, rely on ours!