Picking and Packing

You’ve got merchandise to sell and want to outsource the warehousing and shipping. Once you receive an order, you need to be confident that your fulfillment partner is going to pick, pack and ship quickly, accurately and carefully.

You want to focus on sales and marketing, picking-and-packingnot logistics. You need to spend your time driving revenue, not packing boxes.

Your clients need fast and accurate deliveries to be happy, and it is our job to help ensure that this happens.

We have the experience to handle any product,
including valuable, fragile and multi-sized or colored items.

One Shot Product Shipping
We accurately and promptly ship merchandise such as single items, premiums, samples and incentives sold through direct mail, ad space, TV, infomercials or the internet.

Pick and Pack Shipping
Are you selling a range of products? Are they available in various sizes, colors and styles? Are there different models available? We have the experience and attention to detail required to ship a wide range of items with precision and speed.

Catalog Shipping
Whether the source of the order is directly from a catalog or an eCommerce order from the internet, we can handle as many or as few items per order as required. Unique orders are no problem with our customized pick and pack areas, complete with replenishment procedures.

Large Packaging Stations for Complex Jobs
Unlike some competitors that cram as many people and inventory items into an area as possible, we believe that large packing stations are important to accurately filling your orders. From our prospective, it is far more important to ship the right items to the right recipient than to try to save a few dollars by over-crowding. Our packing stations are designated areas designed to insure smooth processing.

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