Package Consolidating

It’s more than just sending packages.packages

Proper shipping, consolidating and loading reduces your cost and helps ensure that your complete order is delivered as expected.

Our experienced team helps ensure that your packages are shipped in the most efficient way possible. Reducing your delivery time and shipping costs is just one of the ways Fulfillment Plus adds value to your business.

On-Site U.S. Post Office Facility
An approved bulk mail acceptance and weigh station is conveniently located on our premises insuring convenience and reducing delivery time by bypassing steps in the flow of mail.

Package Consolidators
It’s a fact that postage is the largest expense in fulfillment costs, but you can minimize those costs if you take advantage of our arrangements with credible consolidators offering significant financial reductions and time saving strategies.

On-Site Plant Loading
We have multiple bays ready for loading or unloading trailers, traffic management including telephone calls and delivery appointments all with common carriers such as UPS, Fed Ex and Airborne – our location is an authorized daily pickup stop.

Shipping Materials
We can custom design cartons, envelopes and padded bags to suit your mailing needs and obtain any other materials necessary to complete the job.

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