Inventory Control

For three decades, Fulfillment Plus has securely and responsibly held and organized our client’s inventory, assuring that it is ready for shipment. Our experience covers a wide range of products, from the smallest piece of jewelry to large display cases with custom attachments. Our procedures and experienced staff ensure that your inventory is secure.

Whatever your needs; we cater to them with a separate, assigned area customized with storage to accommodate your specific products. All inventory controls are then implemented to allow us to control and report with our proprietary computerized location system.

Secured Area for High Valued Items

You choose the level of security based on your needs. We provide multiple options. Clients can have secure rooms or cages. Large caged areas with 24/7 video recording are also available.

It’s our job to count, tag, reconcile and prepare all reports for your outside auditing agency. Let us know your particular requirements and we will structure a program to meet your inventory control requirements.

Quality Control

Quality control is important to your clients. We have established procedures in place at strategic points in the operational flow to help assure merchandise functionality. Depending upon your specific requirements, additional checks may be put into place to be sure merchandise is in the proper condition before being released to your customers.

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