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New Year’s Resolutions? We Can Help!

A New Year means time for New Year’s Resolutions and goals to accomplish throughout the next six to twelve months. This is a great time for companies to take a moment from the Change-Ahead-sign busy day to day rush and analyze how the past year went, and what they can do to improve business. It might entail establishing a new system to put in place, organizing an existing one or cleaning and organizing your place of work! Whatever it might be, Fulfillment Plus is here to help you with those New Year’s Resolutions.

One of the first and possibly most important step is to go through your existing inventory. It’s crucial to make sure that you are not only over stocking and duplicating, but ensuring that none of your existing inventory is out of date. One of the many services we offer is “Lot Control”. This means we can tell you when your inventory is expiring, but also automatically ship out product that is set to expire first which ensures your clients will never receive outdated product. We have our own internal IT company that allows for this to happen, which is something not many other Fulfillment companies can offer.

social-mediaOne very common goal for companies is to increase business, and one way to do this is to increase your social media presence and get your brand out there. We offer many options with social media that you can help you spread the word. With an in house social media coordinator, we can accommodate your needs from setting up your social platforms, sharing your content, and guest writing for your blog or sharing any of ours!

Improving customer satisfaction is another important goal, happy customers equal more business. When partnering with a reliable and efficient Fulfillment company, you can check this one off your list! Fulfillment Plus makes sure that your product will arrive on time as fast as possible within the designated ship method selected. Our proprietary fulfillment management system allows our clients the ability to track inventory from assembly to order processing/pick pack & ship. In addition to tracking your inventory fulfillmentduring the order processing phase, we can also provide the same tracking for returns. For example, when we receive a return back to our facility, it is first scanned, and then placed into QC for inspection.  From there, the item either goes directly back to inventory, or can be refurbished, returned to vendor or discarded.  Using an assigned Return Authorization (RA) number, the information on the item/order being returned is tracked and available to view in the client portal in real time. This makes it faster and easier to handle the situation at hand.
And lastly, get to know your Fulfillment partner! We are here to help you every step of the way and make your goals ours. Fulfillment Plus makes it a priority to also know your customers and provide top notch service. Our tagline is a great way to sum it up, “When your reputation is on the line, rely on ours.” Working with us, we will help your company run seamlessly and will help you meet your New Year’s Resolutions for 2017!