EDI, ASN, UPC / UCC Barcodes

When you rely on your fulfillment partner to handle your shipments, you need to be confident that the right products are being shipped to the right customer. At Fulfillment Plus, we use the latest technologies to help ensure that each order is processed as accurately as possible. We understand the needs of your clients and together we seamlessly provide your clients the solutions they need.

UPC/UCC Barcodes
 barcodeWe are responsible for ascertaining all retailer information and generating all applying UPC and UCC labels that meet their specifications.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
Retailers require all data to fit their standardized format. If not done properly, it can cost you precious time and create unnecessary fees. We accurately interpret and then translate all data so that it is formatted properly.

ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice)
We meet retailer specification by creating appropriate bar code labels indicating carton contents once the product is packaged for the client’s requiring EDI and follow-up by transmitting an accurate ASN.

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