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2020 Gone Virtual

It’s 2019 and you’re looking at all of the calendar events for 2020 thinking “wow, this is going to be the year!” July 4th, scheduled to be on a Saturday, Halloween on a Saturday, Christmas on a Friday and even Cinco de Mayo to fall on a (taco) Tuesday. These dates did not change, but so many other things did. In the year of 2020 people and businesses had to drastically pivot from their every day routine and transform their lives into something we will never forget!

Non-essential workers created space in their homes to become an office, while many parents had to also carve out space and time to assist their children with virtual learning. As tough as it may have been and still is, it’s also amazing at how individuals were able to overcome these drastic changes and conform to the new “norm”. Businesses especially had to get very creative and find a way to keep things status quo while also continuing to drive revenue. Virtual events became the new best thing with the help of platforms such as Zoom. Being able to connect to customers and not skip a beat is proven to be so valuable in today’s virtual world.

A few organizations come to mind for having innovative virtual events this past year. STEPtember an annual fundraising event for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance raised over 1 steptember1million dollars joining everyone together virtually. Teams of four worked together to track their daily steps and activities and then recorded their progress on the STEPtember website. This site even offered trainers and tools to help you along the way with motivational messages and fundraising tips! Getting people to stay even more connected through social media with the hashtag #STEPtemberUS

foxTour de Fox, led by The Michael J Fox Foundation is a yearly fundraiser for Parkinsons where people come together to raise money by cycling. This year they had to “shift gears” and went virtual. Participants were able to join by cycling outside, or even hopping on a stationary bike and had the ability to choose their own route and distances. This year a record 5,000 people virtually participated- wow! Not only did this increase their donations for the year, but more people were involved to help spread the awareness. They have currently raised over $500,000 this year.

These two examples alone can’t help but ponder the question of – will virtual events be going away anytime soon, if ever? Sure, they might lack the in person social connection but for companies, the cost is lower and it seems more people have the flexibility to join and are engaged! Imagine being able to have a company happy hour or event and then not worry about the drive home? So many companies have been able to pivot to these virtual events and have seen very successful outcomes.

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